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At SMP we do the simple things, and we do them well.  We will help you and your business to create long lasting advertising health and marketing well-being.

Let’s work out together.  One call is all it takes to get you started on the track to great advertising.

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Advertising Mackay

Today, most advertising strategies focus on achieving three general goals, as the Small Business Administration indicated in Advertising Your Business:

Marketing Mackay

looking for a full serivce marketing agency in mackay, look no further, Strategic Marketing Mackay can assist your business from newspaper advertising , website marketing, television advertising, social media marketing, and any other marketing requirements in Mackay.

1) promote awareness of a business and its product or services;

Mackay Marketing

our clients can testify to the ease and simplicity that SMP can take your idea and turn it into a full marketing plan & implementation strategy that will generate results. Alot of companies talk a good marketing game, our company actually puts it into action to generate results for your business. Why pay for strategies and advice that doesn’t work, believe us when we say that we will work with you from start to finish with detailed reports every step of the way.

2) stimulate sales directly and “attract competitors’ customers”; and

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Advertising Agency Mackay

3) establish or modify a business’ image. In other words, advertising seeks to inform, persuade, and remind the consumer. With these aims in mind, most businesses follow a general process which ties advertising into the other promotional efforts and overall marketing objectives of the business.

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Advertising Strategy Mackay

An advertising strategy is a campaign developed to communicate ideas about products and services to potential consumers in the hopes of convincing them to buy those products and services. This strategy, when built in a rational and intelligent manner, will reflect other business considerations (overall budget, brand recognition efforts) and objectives (public image enhancement, market share growth) as well.

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Marketing Mackay

This paper explores the differences between the old and new ways of B2B Marketing, and then lays out the five practical steps to assist you in taking advantage of the new Marketing 2.0 opportunities.

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Marketing Agency Mackay

The catalyst for Marketing 2.0 is the amount of knowledge that is now freely available on the Internet for B2B buyers. Knowledge that shifts the power from seller to buyer. Traditional methods, such as Outbound or Interruption Marketing are no longer effective. The new model revolves around “permission-based”, Inbound Marketing, and the capability of integrated Sales and Marketing Automation (SAMA).

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Marketing Strategies Mackay

The five practical steps to help your organization take advantage of the new environment are:
1) Shift from Outbound to Inbound Marketing.
2) Automate.
3) Harness the power of Analytics.
4) Participate in the Online Marketing.
5) Make Marketing easy to buy!

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